Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Topic Proposal

Michael Adair
English 2A
Prof. Bousquet
Final Remix Project Proposal
For my final remix project, I hope to add an original contribution to Cory Doctorow’s novel Little Brother through the beauty and serenity of music. One of the themes presented by Cory Doctorow that really stood out to me as an important issue that was not exactly fully developed and could be explained further was the impact of technology on the social lives of youth. One of the main issues with modern methods of communication is that it doesn’t promote actual face-to-face social interaction between youth. This causes the youth to become much more awkward and uncertain in social situations in which they actually encounter another human being, not just over the web. Therefore, I intend to write a song about an awkward shy teenage boy who is a whiz with words when it comes to texting and instant messaging, but when girls actually meet him he freezes and doesn’t know how to act because he doesn’t have time to think up a witty response to what they say. I will sing a sort of parody to a popular song, with my friend playing guitar and my other friend playing the piano to match the melody, so as to avoid legal rights issues. The hypertext will discuss anti-social teens and the rise of technology in their lives.

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