Tuesday, May 25, 2010

remix project

For my remix project, I am going to add on to the ending of Little Brother and focus on not letting the government get away with their actions. In Little Brother, Severe hair cut lady committed unconstitutional acts on her prisoners, and in the end she was let off with no consequences. I wanted to add on to the ending and flash forward to about five years later. The government at this time will be very powerful and out of control. Many events will take place to end with the government not getting away with their actions and also receiving consequences for their actions. The government in Little Brother claimed they were trying to stop terrorism; however they ended up becoming terroristic themselves. With this remix I want to show them get stopped and use their power how it was meant to be used, to protect the country. I think right now our government is going down a bad path so this issue in Little Brother is not far from the truth. This is my idea for my final remix hypertext project, and I am still working on the details.

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