Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FINAL REMIX- Rebecca Murillo

For my final remix I would like to write a fictional story based on the theme of gender roles that i have been working with all quarter. However, I would like to specify the gender roles in the tech world, where the divide is not so great. By emphasizing the stereotypes of Van and Ange, I hope to apply them to the tech world and the women within it. Although there is still a sense of male domination within the tech world we do not see such animosity between genders as we do in other positions. This could be because of the fact that there are so few females in this world but nonetheless we can learn lessons by accepting the powerful females emerging in our society. I have recently read a book titled Microserfs that also tackles this issue and will probably use some of the situations to enhance my point. In my story, I plan to use 3rd person so that I can truly observe the characters and their roles in the tech world. The actual setting and plot is still in progress but I have begun working on the characters and brainstorming.

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