Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Final Hypertext Proposition

My proposition for my final hypertext is to expand on my comic life comic and make it into a visual novel. The original comic was on Marcus being Hispanic and in a similar situation Jolu was in the original Little Brother. I want to bring up the racial issues that Jolu was discussing when they were at the party scene. I also plan on bringing up the theme of ones terrorist being another persons freedom fighter because i plan on portraying US soldiers and terrorists in a heroic and destructive light. Cory Doctorow shows Marcus evolve in the way he deals with race over the course of the story and I hope to do the same thing in my visual novel but from a different angle. And lastly I want to show the government coming off as a hassle to the people but also showing the angle of people not completely understanding the government and showing that the ultimate goal is to protect us but not always coming across like that. Ultimately through this visual novel I plan on showing issues of race, terrorism and the government in multiple angles so people could attempt to understand them.

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