Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brandon's Final Remix Proposal

Final Project Proposition

For my final project I will continue and expand on my remix from earlier in the quarter. My remix will be a story that focuses on a alternate future of the XNET and the government. I plan to create this into a dystopian story that shows a dramaticized concept between how the future leaders of the government respond to the authoritarian government that has been created through the breaking up of the Homeland Security.

Most importantly, my contribution and thematic emphasis will be “love as a political statement”. In my opinion, love as a political statement is one of the key themes of George Orwell’s Big Brother. Since Doctorow is attempting to modernize and create a modern interpretation of Big Brother, I believe he should use this theme more than he does. In my estimate, he completely overlooks how important the theme is in Big Brother as well as in many of other dystopian novels. I will attempt to create a dystopia in which love is a tool to comment and dissent from the political powers of the authoritarian government.

While my story will be the mode in which I present my remix, my hypertext will be very different. In short, I want my hypertext to be a creative medium to give background and take on my story. My hypertext will be the XNET itself. When you go to my hypertext, it will depict the xnet. I want to have a history of the XNET, a background of the government and why they are authoritarian, XNET commands, and background of how the XNET ancestor M1k3y.

A short synopsis of my story is as follows:

It’s been 75 years since the terrorists attacked San Francisco, 75 years since M1k3y started the Xnet Resistance against the Regime-only it was they were called the Homeland Security back then…. M1k3y is long dead, but we continue to fight for the ideals that he started on Xnet. We are the last hope for humanity. We’ve learned from our mistakes, we know now that we can’t be afraid of the Regime. We must continue to live our life, and love in order to take down the Regime.

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