Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Final Remix

For my final remix I plan to combine the use of poetry with various forms of pictures, mostly digitally edited. The topic of my project will be how this new age of surveillance is having a significant effect on how people live their lives. This topic lends itself to a lot of emotion as well as different perspectives, both of which can be incorporated into poetry. The pictures, or rather digital art of sorts, would be paired with pieces of poetry, and would work to provide commentary on the specific issues within the piece of writing. With both the poetry and the art that accompanies it, I hope to span a range of tones and emotional stances in regard to the topic, and to use a number of different devices (in the literary sense) such as humor and drama. My remix will give a number of complete perspectives on a topic within Little Brother that is on the verge of explosion. My piece(s) will also present these different perspectives in a manner far different from simply their being brought up in the novel.

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