Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remix Proposal

For my remix hypertext, I want to focus on the issue of surveillance. This is a major theme throughout the book, and I think that the extremity of it is a very important issue. Going off of an earlier remix that I did on this topic, I want to talk about the negative outcomes that come from over-surveillance. The first remix that I did on this was a comic strip of a man getting stopped by a policeman for no legitimate reason, and ends up being caught cheating on his wife. The presence of extreme surveillance can catch people off guard and reveal their secrets that they otherwise would not have made known. Rather than catching criminals, the police officers spend their time on petty matters such as these, and it creates a negative effect on everyone involved. They think that surveillance like that is going to help them catch the terrorists, but it in fact does the opposite because they are spending all their time interrogating innocent people rather than doing their real job. I want to concentrate on narratives of people who were just minding their own business and were wrongly stopped by a police, which resulted in some major secret of theirs being revealed. I also want to do some stuff in the point of view of the policemen, because they are being forced to do this. I want to have some narratives of police who implement this over-surveillance against their will, or others who do it willingly because they are scared to be the ones to find the actual terrorists.

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