Tuesday, May 25, 2010

remix proposal - talbot clarke

I want to do a remix of Little Brother that will be a children’s book. I liked the aspect of viewing Little Brother as a young adult novel. In my research hypertext I wrote about how Doctorow’s novel contains the common themes of a young adult novel, namely that it contains a teenage protagonist, a modern situation, and dramatic plotline. I want to use the theme that I also studied in my research hypertext, the power of the younger generation.
I do not want the children’s book to be a simple story about a butterfly. I want it to be a cross between children’s story and comic. I babysit for two twin boys who are now 7 and they read a lot of children’s comics that deal with good vs. evil and good coming out on top type plots. There are often super powers involved.
In my children’s book/comic I want Marcus to be the protagonist and be the same age that he is now. I think I might give him super powers. If I chose to give him super power I want to make the powers simple, like super-intelligence. After the conflict, which I haven’t chosen yet, I want Marcus to have to rally all of the kids in the city to reach their common goal. In the end I want them to have reached their goal but also reunite with their parents and rightful authority figures.

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