Tuesday, May 25, 2010

remix propsal idea(s)

For my remix of little brother I have a few ideas and I can't really decide which one would be the best. One of my ideas would be to create a mock newspaper of the time and use InDesign to create it. I would write a few articles for it and place in pictures and such and relate it to little brother. One article could be about video surveillance, another about the 'bay bridge bombing' that happened in the book, etc... It would be about a 4 page long newspaper or so.

My other idea is to create a new book cover for the book and incorporate themes into the design related to things from the book. I could make a few different ones, and put them onto my website explaining each different cover and it's significance.

OR I was thinking of potentially writing a short story based off of little brother. Instead of the bay bridge bombing I would relate it to the 35W bridge crash in Minnesota and in the story it would be a terrorist attack and relate video surveillance and the other themes from little brother into the story.

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